How to Become a Registered Dietitian in Maryland

Thanks to its location on the Chesapeake Bay, Maryland is well-known for its seafood. Particularly famous is its Blue Crabs and delicious oysters. However, you might not know that Maryland also produces a tremendous amount of produce, including items like apricots, broccoli and green beans. When so much food is available like it is in Maryland, it can be hard to know how to eat right, which is why so many in Maryland are interested in becoming dietitians.

Anyone seeking to become a Maryland dietitian must abide by the guidelines set forth by the Maryland Board of Dietetic Practice.

How to Become a Nutritionist in Maryland

Basic Requirements

  • Age: Applicants in Maryland must be 18 years of age or older.
  • Education: A bachelor’s degree in dietetics from an accredited university. Coursework must include 24 hours focus in dietetics, human nutrition, food and nutrition or food management.
  • Experience: Supervised work experience totaling 900 hours is required before application.
  • Exam: You must earn a passing grade in the Registration Examination for Dietitians given by the Commission on Dietetic Registration (CDR).
  • Citizenship: Licensure is reserved for US citizens and legal aliens.

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Additional Requirements

  • Background: Your application must include descriptions of any criminal convictions except traffic violations.
  • References: You must include three professional references.
  • Fees: A $75 application fee and a $225 license fee is required.

Application Process

  • Licensure: Submit your application to the Maryland Board of Dietetic Practice. Your application must include your academic transcripts, passing score and registration with the CDR, proof of work experience and all other outlined documents. After approval, you can use the designation of a licensed dietitian.
  • Other Licenses: If you are a certified nutritionist, registered dietitian or are licensed in another state, you can provide documentation to the board and receive your Maryland license.

Degrees Related to Dietitians

Degrees or programs that are primarily focused on human nutrition and dietetic practice are related to dietitian careers. Nutritional science, clinical nutrition, human nutrition and food management services are examples of these degrees.

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Major Cities in Maryland

  • Baltimore is Maryland’s most major city and is where most registered dietitians should seek to practice.
  • Columbia is the state’s second largest city. Because it is located between Baltimore and Washington, D.C., dietitians will have access to thousands of potential clients.
  • Silver Spring is located in the mountains of Maryland and is home to over 70,000 people.

What Does a Nutritionist Do?

  • Nutritionists apply principles of proper human nutrition to help their clients abide by nutritional guidelines to achieve improved health. For example, a nutritionist will analyze their clients’ needs and come up with a plan to help them meet their health goals.
  • Providing education to individuals and communities is also a common task of a nutritionist.
  • Nutritionists will construct documents like nutritional plans and client reports.
  • As with any career, continuing education is also a large component of working as a nutritionist.

Related Careers

If your career is focused on promoting proper human nutrition and assisting individuals and groups in meeting these goals, then you work in a career similar to a dietitian. A nutrition educator, a certified nutritionist and dietetic technicians all have similar career responsibilities to dietitians.

Employment Numbers in Maryland

990 dietitians were working in the state of Maryland as of 2015. These employment numbers are compiled and made available to the public by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Salary Ranges in Maryland

The majority of Maryland dietitians and nutritionists will work in the state’s metropolitan areas. For example, a dietitian working in the Baltimore area can make a yearly salary of $63,990. On the other hand, dietitians working in Salisbury can expect an average yearly salary of $58,610.

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Nutritionist and Dietitian Programs in Maryland

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